Wedding Registy 101: My sneaky tip


When we created our wedding registry we intensely researched “best of” pots and pans guides, hoarded registry tip lists from retailers, read bagillions of customer product reviews, and spent ages thinking about how we live, cook, and entertain so we’d get it just right. I even peppered the women of our families with questions based on their years of expertise. It ALL helped.

But one of my favorite tips was actually self-developed and embarrassingly simple: Look at other registries. I looked up family, friends, friends of friends—even brides I’d seen on Style Me Pretty if I loved their wedding enough! No one escaped stalking. It was so fun to indulge my shopaholic self with fantasies about other brides’ registries and lives. I could picture the fancy tea parties I’d throw with their Kate Spade china without breaking a sweat!

But it was also incredibly useful for the following reasons:

1. Helped fill in gaps and forgotten items
Like placemats, napkin rings, mixer attachments… It’s easy to miss something when your brain is fixed on boutonnieres.

2. Turned me on to brands and stores I might not have known about
Have you heard of Wilton Armetale? If you stalked our wedding registries you would. I first noticed the line of pretty serveware while Christmas shopping and made a mental note to check it out later. It’s beautiful and we use it constantly. I’m thrilled each time I see it pop up on friends’ registries.

3. Saved time by directing attention to certain product models
After we selected a highly-rated toaster oven, we noticed a slightly different model appearing again and again on others’ registries. After doing a little product comparison, we figured out that the additional features on the other model were better so we made the switch. If we’d never checked out other registries, we’d have never been the wiser.

I hope my sneaky little tip helps. We took registering seriously (which I will definitely blog more about soon) but we also had a lot of fun doing it. Spatulas do excite us! Checking out other registries was inspiring for me, but the most important thing to remember when you’re registering is to stay true to yourself. If the thought of registering for china makes you cringe, there is a reason for that. Listen to your gut and while you’re perusing stores (or indulging in a little registry stalking), don’t forget to have fun!


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