Scouting List: On the hunt for home goods

Scouting list

I love to tease Brian (lovingly) about his appreciation of the unique. Not that I live to follow but the urge to be just a little different is so pronounced in him that I noticed it. In hindsight, it was one of the qualities that immediately attracted me to him.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about this and how it plays into my own tastes and style preferences and its influence on how I shop. Gauging quality and value are two skills I pride myself on—I was a “Maxxinista” long before the phrase was hashtagged! But I think my own unique streak manifests most obviously in my ability to identify all kinds of potential in goodies discovered at thrift stores, antique markets, estate sales, on clearance, at the Salvation army, and consignment stores.

I’m a huge fan of up-cycling, thrifting, and antiquing. I like a mix of high and low and love uncovering unique treasures for our home so I thought I’d share my list of what I’ve been scouring flea markets, thrift stores, e-Bay, estate sales and antique markets for lately:

– vintage floral sheets
– any sorts of brass chandeliers
– set of tall campaign chests
– vintage cookie jar w/ pretty typography
– vintage cocktail shaker
– silver candelabras
– candle snuffer
– candle wick cutter
– comfy leather club chair or regency-style upholstered armchair for our office
– large Parson-like worktop table for projects
– vintage trunks
– large buffet table/sideboard
– modern china cabinet alternative
– gilt edge frames, all sized
– milk glass

If you have any good resources for where you like to shop for these type of things, I’d love to hear!


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