Musings on Art: The Monuments Men

art quotes
We’ve been taking advantage of discount-ticket night at a local cinema outside Boston the past few weeks in an attempt to see all the Best Picture nominees before the Oscars, but took a night off from that effort tonight to see The Monuments Men. It was coincidental timing because I’ve been thinking a lot about the best (and worst) decisions I’ve made in my life and one of my top, best decisions was to study abroad in Italy. I studied art history in college too, but to study Early Renaissance Art…in Florence, just a quick train from Rome… I don’t even have words. I want to cry that I was so lucky. I’m thankful to have had an interest in art, period, honestly.

The film caught my attention since its based on the true story of the art scholars who traveled Europe during WWII to find, collect, and return millions of artistic masterpieces stolen by the Nazi’s.  Although the film itself was a bit flat, it was surprising to learn how close they came to destroying a lot of art. And so much was destroyed, too. It makes me revere, appreciate, and cherish our history and our art that much more but also inspires me to create that much more.


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