It’s a Girl

IMG_0997_its a girl
We’re expecting a little girl! She was so active and squirmy during the ultrasound, our tech couldn’t tell with certainty until nearly the end. I was dying! I couldn’t tell you whose smile was bigger — mine of Brian’s. We’re absolutely thrilled. I’d hoped for a girl, but above all, a healthy baby. I think I tried to manage my expectations early on and had completely convinced myself it was a boy based on my mild morning sickness symptoms in the first trimester (I only experienced nausea) to the point that I’m almost done making a blue and white striped baby blanket! Needless to say, it was a very welcome, very pleasant surprise!

IMG_0981We shared the news with our families that night with a cupcake gender reveal. I made Magnolia’s famous vanilla cupcakes using this recipe and tinted some buttercream for the cupcake centers before frosting them in white. Brian’s family in CT tuned in via a Google hangout but not before I compiled everyone’s guesses and snapped some group shots of “Team Pink” and “Team Blue!” IMG_1015

In other exciting news, the offer we made on a house was accepted shortly before we headed to the ultrasound appointment. It’s contingent on a satisfactory home inspection of course, but we decided to share the news with our families as well. What a day! So thrilled to finally know our “it” is a she. Now the big question is, how long can I last before going on a baby girl clothes-buying spree?


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