Weekly Update: 18 Weeks

How far along: 18 Weeks (on 10/23)

Baby’s size: Green Pepper

Symptoms: Sciatic pain just in my lower right back; occasional sleepiness; breathlessness; visible veins in my hips and lower abdomen. I’m also noticing that when I roll from one side to another in bed, I feel a noticeable shift in my belly, as if a mass is readjusting and re-settling. It’s the weirdest feeling ever!

Sleep: Restful. Continuing to adore my body pillow. Fewer early AM bathroom trips too, thankfully, since I curbed the pre-bedtime water and juice-guzzling.

Sweatpants, long-sleeve fleeces, t-shirts, and maternity jeans. My lower abdomen has gotten noticeably more rounder in the past few weeks, but I still don’t feel like I’ve “popped” so I’m more comfortable disguising the belly, lest it be mistaken for a burrito baby. That said, I’ve long past the point where my pants felt like they were fitting comfortably so I’ve completely embraced maternity jeans! I love the styles and washes of the few pairs I’ve picked up so far when I went shopping with my sisters. I’m trying not to milk the whole “maternity clothes” thing as an excuse to buy a new wardrobe, but a lot of the clothes are SO cute and so comfy. Who wouldn’t want to be in something soft and drapey, regardless of pregnancy?!

OJ, oranges, coffee-oreo ice cream

Brussel sprouts

Shipyard Pumpkin Ale, taking a nice long run along the Charles on a gorgeous fall day, my favorite teacher’s hot yoga class

Yes! After doing some pre-natal Pilates core work the other day, I was lying really still on the floor and felt a really subtle, fluttery “pressing” sensation for a few seconds. It was indescribable and unlike any sensation I’ve ever experienced. I’m wondering if all the abdomen contracting cramped her digs a bit, so she was reminding me “Hey there, I’m in here!”

Labor Signs:

Health + Wellness
Pre-natal Pilates is life-changing. Lately I’ve been mourning the loss of my normal gym and hot yoga routines so I’m thrilled to have found a workout I love that I can do at home. I’d assumed Pilates was a no-no since so much of it is core work, but the modifications are easy and I actually feel like I’m keeping my muscles toned. I’m less enthused with pre-natal yoga class to be honest though. I know the focus is much more on breath, stretching and opening up areas like the hips and pelvis, but I miss the heat and the exertion of a “real” flow yoga class. Maybe I’ll try doing some modified flows at home because the endless stretching just isn’t doing it for me right now.

What I’m looking forward to
Feeling more frequent, stronger movement and starting to “pop”.

Best moment(s) this week
So many, how can I choose?! Finding out we’re having a baby girl and walking out of the appointment grinning like two fools. Sharing the news with our families with pink-filled cupcakes (Brian’s family tuned in via a Google Hangout). Going maternity clothes shopping with my two sisters was hilarious and so much fun. And of course, having our offer on a home accepted about an hour before we headed to the hospital where we learned we’re having a little girl top the list of best moments this week.









  1. Awwww the first few times you feel the baby move is awesome!! It’s like omg there’s really someone in there 🙂 so exciting!!!

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