[Food Finds] Brunch at Aquitaine

Sometimes the best food finds are the ones you land on accidentally. A group of us went for brunch in the South End this weekend to celebrate two good friends’ 30th birthdays — only the spot we’d landed on (The Trophy Room) wasn’t serving brunch on Saturday! We all quickly whipped out our phones, hit Yelp, and quickly made reservations for a few alternate spots, with a few other spots to check-out in person, like the Buttery and Metropolis. While walking over, we passed Aquitaine, a French bistro I absolutely love but have only ever splurged on for lunch or a restaurant week dinner. I didn’t even know they offered brunch. We were going to walk right by, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to have one more back-up so we put our name in. Only a half hour wait. Already it was a win.

We continued over to Metropolis, were quickly told it was an hour and a half wait, and decided Aquitaine was it. The menu looked delicious — take a look for yourself.

Then Brian and I discovered that the Prix-Fixe Saturday brunch is only $10 and life was forever changed. For only $10, I got a delicious cup of decaf coffee, (Brian got tea), a wine glass full of orange juice, a gooey, caramelized, frosted cinnamon bun I’m still salivating over, and one of the best omelettes I’ve ever had in a restaurant, with ham, tomatoes, peppers and cheese. AND breakfast potatoes with onions the way I make them at home. Score! And for an additional $5, a spicy, virgin Bloody Mary was the perfect way to cap off a delicious brunch celebrating with friends.

I know where I’ll be every Saturday from now on.

Since I was all dressed up in a cute “brunch outfit” as I called it, we decided to catch up on my weekly bump photos. If I’m being totally honest, this chalkboard sign isn’t totally accurate. I’m actually 21 weeks (and two days!) here and that bump is more brunch than baby, but shhhh — it’s close enough. Fun little story about the pink DVF blazer I’m wearing. I found that when I was about 10 weeks pregnant. I tried it on and a saleswoman stopped to tell me how gorgeous she thought the color was. It was a little roomy, but I thought the cut would look great with a bump and the fabric was a nice weight for winter, without being wool. It feels a bit like a scuba suit actually. I wasn’t totally sold on it since I don’t think fuchsia/orchid always works on me with my hair and skin. But we started chatting and I shared that I was expecting. Immediately, she said she could see me with a little girl. That might have been what swayed me to buy it, but I’m sharing now because I think even before I “knew” I was having a little girl, deep down, I think I knew.


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