[Work in Progress] The Nursery

glitter guide nursery

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, planning a nursery has been one of the things I’ve been most excited to do. Now that we know we’re expecting a little girl, I feel like I can finally start to make some decisions on the big things, like the crib and other nursery furniture. Then I’ll be free to focus on my favorite part — the decor. I can’t wait!

Early on, we knew we didn’t want any kind of “theme” in the typical sense, (although my friend Staci recently suggested “Mermaids” which I love as a feminine twist on a “nautical” theme, so perhaps I’m warming to the idea). I guess I just feel like a nursery is the first and last place I’ll have any real say over decor and design because I know that in time, baby girl will develop her own likes, dislikes, and preferences and will likely hit on some theme she loves and wants on every visible surface, so I’m inclined to keep it simple.

buffet sideboard as changing table

One of the first decisions we made was to avoid matchy-matchy “baby” furniture. We want well-made, beautiful pieces that can grow with our child. My mom has the most incredible buffet/sideboard, similar to the piece above, that I’ve been drooling over since I first saw so I was absolutely ecstatic when she kindly offered to reburb it for me for her granddaughter’s nursery. It’s a good size and multifunctional. I think it will work perfectly as a changing table, bureau, and spot for extra storage.

Babyletto white hudson crib

I think the sideboard’s ornate feel and feminine lines will perfectly counter the more modern cribs I’ve been looking at, like the Babyletto Hudson, above, and the Mid-Century Modern Crib by Dwell Studio, below. The latter is absolutely exorbitantly-priced at $800 so I’m going to just consider it purely inspirational!

DwellStudio-Meadow-Nursery-Bedding-CollectionLOVE this Dwell Studio Meadow print bedding, but it’s sold out unfortunately

The other crib I’ve been drooling over since forever is the Jenny Lind crib. It’s become a bit of a cult status object lately, featured in the nurseries of anyone fashionable — like Domino staffers or employees of Elle Decor I like to imagine. It’s charming and has a bit of a vintage vibe.

Jenny Lind Spool Crib

For me, I think the greatest part of the appeal of this crib is making it look more modern than it is. Why do I always have to make it harder, right?! But I don’t know that I can go with it AND the sideboard without veering too into “shabby-chic” territory. I really want to keep the nursery more balanced, so for now, I’ve got a Jenny Lind head/footboard on my “Lookout for” list for down the road as a toddler bed. How sweet is it with the blue and white bedding below?

Jenny Lind full bead frame

So that’s where my head is right now as far as the nursery is concerned. Still deciding on color for the sideboard/bureau, but leaning white or gray. I may ask to have it done in Annie Sloan’s chalk paint, with some wax to bring out all the beautiful detail. Will post pics of it soon along with some of the other refurb-inspiration photos I’ve been collecting.


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