Five Things

some of my recent buys for baby girl

The chilly weather we’ve had lately has kicked me into holiday-prep overdrive. I’m tossing things, re-organizing, and deep cleaning to prep for our annual holiday party which we’ve scheduled extra early this year in an effort to accommodate more schedules. I think last year’s fiasco has taught me that I overextend myself at the holidays, so I’m scaling back this time around and prioritizing what I love most about the holidays — spending time with family and friends, watching our favorite holiday movies, baking cookies, getting out to enjoy the holiday decor in stores and around the neighborhood, and wrapping presents. Simple pleasures really, but the things I most look forward to all year.

IMG_6202.JPGlove a cozy contrast, cuff on these men’s shirts at Banana Republic

IMG_6197.JPGcouldn’t resist this sweet, pink-striped yarn

IMG_6192.JPGlove seeing more of a bump developing every day!

IMG_6203.JPGcraving egg sandwiches with bacon like crazy lately — a first!


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