Christmas Maternity Pictures

Wendy+Brian2014_marked_01We met up with my very talented friend Celia, of It’s a Penguin Life this past weekend to have some photos snapped for our Christmas card. Every year we try to take one ourselves and it’s usually a disaster, so I can’t thank her enough for her awesome work. After an unexpected location change from Russo’s, the famous food market near us, we ended up at Gore Place in Waltham, MA. There was a Christmas tea going on that morning so we had to scramble to wrap up quickly, but I absolutely love how they turned out. Here are a few of our favorites from the day:

Wendy+Brian2014_marked_04 Wendy+Brian2014_marked_05 Wendy+Brian2014_marked_16 Wendy+Brian2014_marked_18 Wendy+Brian2014_marked_17 Wendy+Brian2014_marked_21


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