Weekly Update: 27 Weeks

IMG_1509Merry Christmas, everyone!!!!!

Date: December 25th

How far along: 27 Weeks (6 mnths, 3 wks)

Baby’s size: A head of cauliflower
She’s about 2 lbs and 14 1/2 inches long

Symptoms: Lower back pain and a lot less energy. My belly feels so tight, too.

Sleep: Is much better since receiving my beloved Snoogle from the best husband ever! But I’m waking anytime I need to roll and find myself waking from the pain of just laying for too long on one hip or the other.

Wearing: All H&M, all the time basically. I just got the cutest belted maternity coat from H&M for Christmas thanks to my mom, but have also been living in a few of their stretchy, long-sleeve t-shirts that I already had. I’m loving them layered under sweaters or a zip-up fleece. My friend Lauren also pointed me to a cute holiday top that I grabbed while Christmas shopping with my sister Skylar (see above). Love it so much, it won’t be retired, post-pregnancy!

Loving: Peach smoothies with greek yogurt and yogurt with Trader Joe’s brand unsalted, dry toasted slivered almonds that Brian recently picked up. I’m obsessed with them. They taste so…smooth and extra crunchy. Can you tell I’m all about these nuts?

Hating: It’s been exhausting to be on my feet for long periods of time which makes holiday baking or wrapping presents on the floor (which is my preferred place so I can spread out and make a gigantic mess) extra challenging. I can’t imagine being farther along like my friend Shawna was this time last year — the belly gets in the way of everything!

Missing: Naturally, since none of these activities are advised while pregnant, I’m dying to go skiing, ice skating and sledding.

Movement: All the time, it’s awesome. Brian feels her move regularly and we’ve been having fun “interacting” with her, poking spots on my belly and getting these forceful kicks or punches back. She’s most active when I lay down to go to bed or just before my alarm but it’s the best way to wake up. I feel movement throughout the day, but the most activity is definitely late and night or very early in the morning. Someone obviously takes after her mama.

Labor Signs: None yet

Health + Wellness: I’ve also been stretching a lot outside of yoga class which has helped tremendously with the overall aches I’ve felt as my belly pops. My weekly chiropractor visits are still my favorite though.

What I’m looking forward to:
Spending time with family and seeing friends over the holiday, working through all the “baby laundry,” and hopefully finally having a moment to upload and share some of the pictures from our annual Christmas Party.


Best moments this week:
1. Touring the hospital where I’ll deliver was awesome — emphasis on the “awe.” Imagining what will transpire there, God-willing, causes such a sense of of awe in every facet of my being. Maybe this is weird, but I loved the warmth of the wood flooring and tones of the Labor and Delivery room and all the fun birthing props available, like a “birthing peanut” and “labor chair,” not to mention the enormous soaking tubs in all the rooms. Hospitals can feel so sterile, but this room had a very positive vibe. Our tour guide also showed us the wireless fetal heart and contraction monitors which I was thrilled to see, since it means I really won’t be restricted to a bed if I don’t want to be. It was so exciting and emotional, imagining ourselves there in 13 weeks or so.  Brian teared up a bit on the last walk-by of the Labor and Delivery room. We’re both just so excited!!

Then the hospital receptionist made my night as we walked through the lobby to head home. We’d stopped (again) to admire the lobby Christmas tree which had snow-frosted tips and a snowy/frost garland we both agreed we wanted/needed, and were walking by teasing each other and laughing about something silly when the receptionist called us over. All the blood drained from my face and I thought I was in trouble for touching the Christmas tree (ok, and taking a picture of it) but she laughed and said that we were just the cutest couple she had ever seen and that she’d loved how Brian playfully tap my nose with his finger, mock-scolding me as we were laughing. She asked what we were having and when I was due, and we all chatted briefly before heading out. I’ll smile for days.

2. Passing my glucose test.Huzzah! It was NOT as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

3. First visual of major belly movement. It must have been her back protruding as she re-adjusted herself to the left of my belly button, but it was so unexpected as I stood in the dining room, about to put my coat on that I yelled for Brian in the shower, like “What is happening in my belly, OH MY GOD!!!” 

4. Compliments. I really appreciate the positivity because I haven’t been feeling so hot lately. Between the sciatica, lower back, and hip pain, I feel like my body is falling apart and I must have a permanent scowl on my face. To my dear friends and family and the random guy who passed me in Boston and exclaimed, “You look absolutely divine. Very, very cute!” — you guys are the best and I love you for the much-needed morale boost.


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