A scary night of belly pain

photo (1)

34 weeks / just barely seeing my feet

Last night I woke in the darkness to the most EXCRUCIATING stomach pains I’ve ever felt in my entire life. Not quite cramping, but a tightness unlike anything I’ve experienced my entire pregnancy. After repeatedly changing positions, rubbing my belly, and whimpering quietly in bed for a while, I got up so I could walk around a bit. Usually Brian would wake to check on me, but he slept on, undisturbed.

I sat down in the living room next to a little space heater and supported my belly on my lap with a soft blanket, but really just needed something I could double over on when I wasn’t lolling my head on the wall. I found that moaning “ow, owwww, owwwwwwww” helped, but still thought I’d pass out from the pain. Then I got really lightheaded and remember thinking that my blood pressure must have been plummeting. Then I felt simultaneous too warm and clammy and freezing cold. I felt a wave of nauseous and thought I’d vomit.  More than a minute of two couldn’t have passed until somehow, the symphony of paid subsided and I knew I wasn’t in labor. Did I have food poisoning maybe? Or was the TUMS a mistake after a huge glass of OJ? I sipped some water quickly, then headed back to bed.

Brian must have heard me because he woke up to find me gingerly crawling back into bed, shivering and shaking, my teeth chattering.  I nearly started crying because my belly still hurt so much, but I was also relieved he was up. I just moaned for a while and shivered in his arms. He held me and rubbed my back and arms and eventually removed the body pillow that was between us so he could use his body to warm me in a spooning position and kept reassuring me I was ok. When I stopped shivering as forcefully, he got up and turned on the space heater in our room and went to the kitchen to get me a ginger-ale and a banana and helped me sip and eat it. Then held me again until I fell asleep.

He was amazing and I was so impressed by how well he supported and comforted me. I felt terrible because it was 4 am or so by this point, but he stayed up with me and never once complained about being tired. Although I don’t relish the thought of being in so much pain again, I feel like this was a nice little practice run for how amazing Brian will be once it’s REALLY go-time!

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