hair 1Photo and article source: Refinery29

I’ve been in love with balayage (hand-painted strands of color) for about 10 years now when I first read that that is how Giselle achieves her sun-kissed, “bronde” color, but only found a stylist who actually does it fairly recently. I’d been looking for an alternative to at-the-root highlights while I was pregnant and also wanted something that looked a little more natural and required less upkeep.

I started balyage in my third trimester and fell hard and fast. But oh my gosh, was it pricey! Interestingly, (and predictably), I started to get the urge for a color refresh right around the same time as I used to for my old look (a partial foil of those same old at-the-root highlights I just mentioned) but eventually started stretching out my appointments and eventually, adjusted to the look of my grown out roots and lighter ends.

I’d been toying with the idea of lightening the ends even further when I saw the picture above on Refinery29, which sealed the deal. Hello spring look!


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