Find of the Week

teak“teak” design, a bestseller (love!)

It’s been oppressively hot the past few weeks and joy of joys, we’ve encountered our first major-ish home ownership trial — our kitchen faucet stopped working. The rest of the house doesn’t seem to have been affected thank God, but we’re going on 3+ days now without a working kitchen sink faucet. Maybe that’s why drinking water has been on my mind lately.

super nova“Super Nova” — squeeee

Either way, as a loyal Brita water pitcher user (we’re on our third over in the new place) and longtime water toter in my trusty old Camelback bottle (I think I’m on #965,457th), it’s safe to say that I like to stay hydrated. And from an environmental and financial standpoint, I hate to buy bottled water if I can avoid it, so you’ll nearly always see me with a Camelback or a Nalgene bottle if I’m out and about.

“birch wood” — a personal favorite

Admittedly, until recently I rarely paid attention to water temperature, but it has been especially hot in New England so I’ve been reaching for the ice cube tray daily. Likewise, I’d never felt any particular vanity as far as the look of my water bottle. But that was before.

Everyone, run out and buy a S’well bottle. It’s worth every penny. And they’re pretty.

The double walled design keeps beverages from water to coffee to tea, icy cold OR hot for entire days at a time. And the 25 oz size will hold an ENTIRE bottle of wine. [Aside: I can’t name a single friend of mine who wouldn’t need at least one for that purpose alone.]

But the beauty of the double walled design has a second benefit — no condensation. While a little bottle sweat is only a small annoyance, the loveliness of not having to worry about were I set or toss this thing down is great considering I can tote anything from an iced latte to a steaming mug of hot chocolate in it and not have to worry about ruining my clothes, my handbag, my pricey stroller, or my car’s cupholder. #Obsessed!

swell bottle 1gorgeous, no? #want

This is my new go-to gift for every single person I know for so many reasons: It’s a superior product just luxurious and pretty enough to justify a little splurge for something that’s usually an everyday, toss-about item and I know each recipient will get a TON of use out of it. And maybe a gift of two for moi.


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