Emilia, Lately


August 30, 2016 — There are so many things I want to remember about daily life with this sweet little person. Like how her language is starting to really explode lately. In the last two weeks especially she’s become so much more vocal and her excited babbles leave us in hysterics. The other morning for example, she was in my arms when her eyes landed on my new iPod. She excitedly exclaimed while pointing, “Daa! DAA!” (that), immediately signing “more” and then wiggling her butt and hips side to side in my arms, the way she dances when we’ve got the iPod docked and music is playing. I mean… I can’t help burst out laughing because it is SO CUTE. I’m incredibly proud of how well she can communicate with us. And that she appreciates music.

Something else I’ve been marveling at is that lately  I can request her to name or say things:  I’ll point to a blue fish in her colors book and she’ll say, “fshhh” or I’ll ask her to say “baby” and she’ll say “baay-bee” with an emphasis on the “b” — it’s SO CUTE. Sometimes it also comes out “bee-bee” which is equally precious.

In the last week or so, she’s also been doing this thing where she recites: MiMi, PaPa (whispered, as always), Nana, Mama, Dada, one right after the other or often in pairs.

She’s also really into Elmo (“Melmo”) which frequently sounds like “mama” so I have to pay attention to context to know what she’s really saying. “Dede” is another favorite = Daniel Tiger.

Just wanted to get it down before it slips from my memory. Every day with this little person is just amazing.



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