Our 2016 Christmas Card


Merry-almost-Christmas! We officially shared some very exciting news via our 2016 Christmas card: we’re expecting Baby #2 in June! Since I knew I’d be safely through my first trimester by December, incorporating our announcement into our Christmas card made sense. Ultimately we wanted to keep the announcement a little more subtle than our first while still honoring and commemorating where our little family is THIS Christmas.

For this year’s card I tried a company called Simply to Impress, recommended to me by my friend Shawna. The quality is excellent and I found the printing a lot crisper than other companies I’ve used in the past. I would upgrade to a slightly thicker card stock next time though and have to admit that I missed the beautiful envelope addressing that companies like Minted offer for free.

2016-christmas-card-backI especially love the back of this year’s card

Usually we self-design and print our 50+ address list using simple white Avery brand labels but I was overcome with creative flow or something when I saw a red Sharpie laying out on our dining room table and just started hand-addressing. It was SO fun and creatively rewarding for about the first 45-minutes or so but about 3-hours in, I was feeling the burn and questioning my decision.

A few days later though, our friend Mallory sweetly posted to Facebook about how beautifully addressed her envelope was which quickly reminded me that the whole point of the endeavor was to create something unique and beautiful for friends and family to enjoy. In short, the whole reason for this favorite season of ours!


Once I can lay my hands on that Sharpie again, I’ll address one to Santa at the North Pole and post a photo of the design I used because it really was very pretty. It might be a bit though because Emilia is so into drawing lately and especially loves the affect that markers give her when she makes “dawww” = dots.

Anyways, I am so happy Christmas is in only 10 days. Most of my shopping is done and wrapping nearly done, the house is clean(ish) and decorated, and I am making sugar cookies this weekend.

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