Exploring the Consignment Business

The other day I popped into one of my favorite consignment shops over near our old apartment in Newton Corner and picked up what amounted to hundreds of dollars worth of clothes for Emilia, myself, and the new baby, in addition to a few toys. I snagged a pair of maternity leggings for just $8 but looked them up online to see that they retail for $120. And the $15 pink Land’s End jacket that I scooped up for Emilia (picture below) retails for $75. Such great deals!

I practically floated out of the shop, ecstatic with my finds. It got me thinking about a dream I’ve toyed with for years about opening a consignment shop of my own. I chatted with Brian about it after and he guessed that I’d probably be able to swing it with a $10K business loan. He also pointed out that the owner’s son had been in the shop with her while we’d been shopping which is really appealing since I’ve really enjoyed the flexibility to balance work and family since becoming self-employed three years ago.

In an effort to explore this goal a bit further, I’m giving myself one month to research and learn as much as I can about the consignment business and getting a business started. It’s scary but exciting at the same time. Depending how my research goes, I may post updates here to the blog as I dive in.

Stay tuned!


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