Hustle Update: My Etsy Shop is LIVE

Miss Modern Studio is live on Etsy here

HUZZAH! I set out to get a website/shop up and I did it!!! I have a long way to go as far as being an “entrepreneur,” but I’m amazed by what I know after 10 year of working in the digital, web design, marketing and advertising worlds.

Check out Miss Modern Studio on Etsy when you have a chance and stay tuned for updates on my progress getting setup too.

When I set a goal to launch an Etsy shop, I wasn’t quite sure what I’d sell. I’ve always been bursting with DIY art ideas whether it was reworking something found, like a beautiful catalog page or designing something with hand lettering and throwing it into Illustrator as I did for nearly everything I designed for our 2012 wedding. But as far as a shop, where to begin? I finally realized that I have to start somewhere and will likely not get it right at the start so better to just BEGIN already even if I don’t feel 100% ready. So I started with a cheeky yoga print I made to put on a tote bag.

I owe this kick in the pants to an amazing podcast recommended to me by an old coworker who knew I was thinking about starting a venture. She referred me to Side Hustle School, a podcast by New York Times best selling author Chris Guillebeau. Each episode profiles one “side hustle” and breaks down the relevant lessons that would-be entrepreneurs like myself should take inspiration from. It’s amazing, the episodes are only 5-6 minutes long each and I highly recommend. Catch up here or subscribe on iTunes.

[In case you’re reading this, Chris — my one bit of constructive criticism, if I may, is that I really want to hear from the business owners. I know the production overhead would increase by changing to this format, and possibly the podcast length, but there is nothing like hearing straight from the source.]

I’ve dreamed of starting my own business since I was a little kid sitting at my play desk in my bathrobe, corded phone on my shoulder while I scribbled important notes to customers and yelled into the phone, so this is already a dream come true. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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