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Hustle Update: My Etsy Shop is LIVE

2 Feb

Miss Modern Studio is live on Etsy here

HUZZAH! I set out to get a website/shop up and I did it!!! I have a long way to go as far as being an “entrepreneur,” but I’m amazed by what I know after 10 year of working in the digital, web design, marketing and advertising worlds.

Check out Miss Modern Studio on Etsy when you have a chance and stay tuned for updates on my progress getting www.MissModernStudio.com setup too.

When I set a goal to launch an Etsy shop, I wasn’t quite sure what I’d sell. I’ve always been bursting with DIY art ideas whether it was reworking something found, like a beautiful catalog page or designing something with hand lettering and throwing it into Illustrator as I did for nearly everything I designed for our 2012 wedding. But as far as a shop, where to begin? I finally realized that I have to start somewhere and will likely not get it right at the start so better to just BEGIN already even if I don’t feel 100% ready. So I started with a cheeky yoga print I made to put on a tote bag.

I owe this kick in the pants to an amazing podcast recommended to me by an old coworker who knew I was thinking about starting a venture. She referred me to Side Hustle School, a podcast by New York Times best selling author Chris Guillebeau. Each episode profiles one “side hustle” and breaks down the relevant lessons that would-be entrepreneurs like myself should take inspiration from. It’s amazing, the episodes are only 5-6 minutes long each and I highly recommend. Catch up here or subscribe on iTunes.

[In case you’re reading this, Chris — my one bit of constructive criticism, if I may, is that I really want to hear from the business owners. I know the production overhead would increase by changing to this format, and possibly the podcast length, but there is nothing like hearing straight from the source.]

I’ve dreamed of starting my own business since I was a little kid sitting at my play desk in my bathrobe, corded phone on my shoulder while I scribbled important notes to customers and yelled into the phone, so this is already a dream come true. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

My pre-natal yoga experience

12 Mar

photo 2

I’ve practiced yoga for almost 8 years now and always planned to continue when I became pregnant. But the truth is, I hated prenatal yoga in the beginning. I missed the intensity of “real” yoga! I actually did one heated class early in my pregnancy after getting my doctor’s OK, but immediately felt that it was too much. It was early in my first trimester and the nausea was unbearable in the heated class setting. I continued on with pre-natal classes, supplementing at home with pre-natal pilates DVDs which I absolutely adored, but didn’t begin to really appreciate my pre-natal classes until I started my third trimester and really started to get uncomfortable and achey.

Which brings me to this past week. I’m 38 weeks today and had two of the most incredible pre-natal yoga classes ever, just in the last week. We focused on really restorative, relaxing poses in Lara’s class and I had one of the best experiences in shivasana that I’ve had throughout my pregnancy…maybe even ever. I also received some tips for guided meditation and music to check out on Spotify that I’ll share at the end of my post.

In Bec’s class which was just three students large today, we were able to get really hands-on attention and focus on exactly what we needed. I mentioned the tightness in my pelvis, hips and the knot in my shoulder and left the class feeling so much looser. I also have a new favorite move for dealing with those knots in my shoulders and back:

Yoga move to relieve knots
1. Laying on your back, place a block under your upper mid-back.
2. With hands in prayer pose, elbows extended out, rest hands between eyes.
3. Slowly lift your pelvis up off the floor.
4. Adjust, wiggle and massage the knotted area as needed.

I think the most beneficial aspect of regular yoga practice is breath awareness. It’s amazing how my breath aligns itself to postures automatically. So for newly pregnant women who haven’t practiced, absolutely start pre-natal classes early. But for more seasoned yoga practitioners, I’d recommend a different approach. I would have practiced on my own at home even more than I did in the beginning to encourage continued muscle development and toning as well as the meditative benefits of just breathing in a meditative way. I also would have been more proactive about seeking out really seasoned instructors with children, who know about the physiology of pregnancy. Stretching and relaxing yoga is great, but too many of my early pre-natal classes felt like a waste of my time when I should have been building muscle strength and exploring what was possible as my body changed and my belly really started to develop.

Now, at 38 weeks, I look forward to class and leave the studio feeling incredibly centered and calm. And as I prepare myself mentally for labor, I’ve really enjoyed working through guided meditations and playing the same music we use in class to help guide my breathing while I’m at home. If you have Spotify, check out Deuter’s Buddha Nature album and Michelle’s Young’s Hipnobirthing playlist. I’ve been loving them lately.

Ballet at midnight

9 Nov

YoungGeun Kim

It’s funny what will trigger a memory. I snagged my tights (or pantyhose as proper grown-ups call them), as I took off my skirt tonight. Despite accidental destruction of innumerable pairs of cheap pantyhose, tonight I  decided that this was the pair I wanted to salvage with clear nail polish. So I’m wearing my favorite soft, gray t-shirt and black control tops (sexy, huh?) just standing around in my bedroom waiting for the polish to dry when I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror.

Suddenly it’s Saturday morning and I’m in ballet class 20 years ago. After a few plies with arms I remember a warm-up I loved doing in high school for color guard practice; it had the most beautiful, precise fluidity. First position, plié with arms, tendu a terre to second with arms, plié with arms, and so on through fifth position. Don’t you just love these names? Most are French but I especially love the Italian ones like “adagio”, meaning, “at ease.”  I mention only because this routine I’m describing happens to be the most calming and graceful sequence in the world, in my opinion. I always wanted to do it as well as this girl Christine who I was in guard with; she was in the Nutcracker and I always tried to copy her hands and head placement. She was just so precise.

I should be clear that I was never interested in being a ballet  dancer.  But as I moved through that simple warm-up and felt so sated, it reminded me of yoga. The precision, fluidity, strength, and energy of a yoga practice produces moment after moment of simultaneous extreme presence and peace.  That’s the best way I can describe what my yoga practice feels like for me. And when I moved through that simple ballet routine, I felt that same familiar falling into peace. It was bliss. I’m so happy I ruined those tights tonight.


photo credit: YoungGeun Kim, source