Dollhouse Update: Decor Direction

It’s kind of ironic that I’ve thrown myself into this dollhouse rehab project as I struggle to commit to an interior decor and style direction for our own home. We’ve been moved in 6 months now, but most days it feels like we’re still living out of boxes. I’ve only recently allowed myself to hang up a few pieces of art but don’t want to commit to purchasing anything as substantial as an appropriately sized living room rug or a bookcase until I’m certain of the style I want for our new home.

Weirdly, wanting to get the dollhouse done quickly so I have time to prepare for Emilia’s birthday party and all the decor I’m thinking for that has been liberating and inspiring. As I’ve been throwing white paint on the interior walls of the dollhouse and imagining the wallpaper I’ll add soon, I’ve been telling myself: it doesn’t need to be like this forever. It can always be refinished whenever Emilia tires of it which has reminded me that I just need to get our house done so we can enjoy living in it already.

mint-to-be-fab-scrapbooking-paperscored this at JoAnne’s on clearance to make some art for the interior

It’s exactly the lesson I needed at this moment and reminded me that every day for the past six months has almost been wasted, tormenting myself in the hope of achieving the most perfect execution of our home decor. The truth is, it’s not going to ever be perfect and that’s the fun of interior design. I need to remember the advice I blogged about from Nate Berkus a while back — to just make one big decision (post here) and then continue from there. Our house won’t come together overnight, but in small increments, it will become the home I envision in my mind. A cozy reflection of our family and a place to entertain family and friends for years to come.

That said, I culled favorite room images from my “Inside” Pinterest board into a single collage of dollhouse decor inspiration (top photo) and cannot wait to start pulling it all together now that I’ve got the exterior and interior paint primed.

Next up, I need to purchase a front door and windows for the exterior and some flooring and furniture for the interior. I already mentioned that I purchased a brass bed and a furniture lot from eBay with a bunch of goodies so we’re pretty set as far as the basics for the house, but I know they’ll need some love (re: paint and some faux gold leafing) if they’re going to reflect the vision I have detailed in the photo above. I also need to decide on a kitchen set, but there is some time.

I can’t wait to get started on this fun part!




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