DIY: Wedding Vision Board

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I love a physical, tacked-on-a-bulletin board #inspo board as much as the next girl and my love of Pinterest speaks for itself, but as decision time approached for me to decide on a direction for my wedding design way back when, I turned to Photoshop to cull together what I considered my “true wedding vision.”

wedding inspo

And since moving into our first home, I’ve relied on Photoshop to help me hone in the design and decor direction I’d like to go in as I slowly upgrade and phase out some of the trustier, old Ikea standbys we all came to know and love in those post-college years.

honing in our your home styleI recently suggested using Photoshop to a cousin who is struggling to pull all the design, decor, and styling ideas for her own September nuptials so I thought it would be a good time to walk through just what I mean when I say that Photoshop is my go-to for vision board creation.

I’ll put together a brief video below explaining how I put my board together and add it below when I have a moment later tonight but for now, I’ll walk through how I typically approach pulling together ALL those pieces of a major design and styling project like a wedding.

How to pull together your wedding vision board:

1. First, let your imagination run wild. Pull images from magazines, screen shot things you see on Instagram from your phone, and pin to boards on Pinterest. Go nuts. Don’t worry about categorizing or organizing. Just collect whatever is speaking to you.

2. Next, review and look for common threads in the images you’ve saved. Are you seeing lots of pastel colors? Bright pops of color on a lush green background? Are the dresses you’re choosing mostly the same type of silhouette? Do the venues you’re ripping pictures of look grand and ornate or are they small and intimate? If you’re seeing a lot of wood tones in the physical space of a lot of the images you’re drawn to, it makes it easier to reassess the odd seaside wedding setting laced with nautical touches. On the flip side, if you just can’t bare to cut that from your board, you know you need to reassess how the rest of your elements will work together and brainstorm ways you might be able to better integrate that one-off element you’ve fallen in love with.

For my own wedding, I was set on cookie favors and had to rework how they’d be packaged so the black and white stripes theme didn’t overwhelm when 100+ favor bags were displayed as guests departed.

3. Once you start to recognize the common threads, you’ll start to hone in on the true vision. Maybe that means you’re going for an intimate, casual outdoor wedding with rustic touches and a navy and yellow color scheme. Start to pull out those FAVORITE images from the bunches and save them into a single folder on your desktop. If you don’t have Photoshop, now is a great time to download a trial.

3. I usually create a new 11 x 8.5 (standard paper size) for easy printing blank doc and then import all the images from the folder. Then I’ll drag them into the document and scale them down to fit. Usually I’m able to further cull the things that just don’t work in the context of all the others or I’ll recognize that something — say an adorable favor idea — might require some reworking to fit the theme that’s beginning to take shape.

4. Ta dah! Vision board is complete! It’s so helpful to see all the pieces TOGETHER in a single spot because you can pinpoint if you’re going overboard with how you might want to utilize a color scheme in one wedding category, for example, in the flowers, or how a really graphic or specific pattern, like polka dots, might be overwhelming to the eye if you repeat in on your wedding programs, on the groomsmen’s ties, and then use big doses of it for the reception linens.

Hope you found this useful! I love inspiration boards to help me pinpoint potential wedding style issues and create a cohesive and well-thought out wedding design scheme without the help of a professional.

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