Five Things

FullSizeRender 17Buttermilk + Bourbon // in Boston’s Back Bay

It was a slow, lazy week. Not so much that we weren’t busy — we hosted a good friend from out of town, enjoyed a few incredible dinners out in Boston, celebrated my birthday, and ticked of some to dos in the yard — but it’s more that this cool, spring weather is stalling my drive to get moving on all the usual warm weather things I associate with the first weeks of May. Plus, I’m at the stage of my pregnancy where I just want to rest (and nest) which is challenging with an active toddler. I just counted 35 days until delivery and realized I need to get cracking on my miles-long list of pre-baby To Dos. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

FullSizeRender 14
birthday dinner at Mamma Maria in the North End
my husband put together three different cake recipes based on flavors he knows I love to create this and despite a bit of a snafu removing it from the pan, it was absolutely delicious (it’s 3-tier, coconut & lemon curd)IMG_7564
essentials for a spa night at home: Lush bath bomb + blackberry bubble barIMG_0488
profiteroles — another birthday favoriteFullSizeRender 16
ticking Yard To Dos off our list like crazyFullSizeRender 15
bookmarking this spot for summer drinks post-delivery
IMG_9325.JPGmy favorite person and Minnie — her latest ever-present companion


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