IMG_0104From the time I was a kid, taking pictures and reading were “my things.” Beauty was everywhere— I had to capture it! Recently I realized that I’m not very vocal about how much I absolutely adore this. Time stops. It’s not work. And it just works out that I love all the little details, like the hair, makeup, style, and design; I’ve been styling photo shoots in my head for YEARS. So I’m not going to beat around the bush: I’m a photographer. Just like I’m a writer. Just like I’m a blogger. And just like I’m also an interactive producer. Design + beauty is just what I love.IMG_0549I did my first photo shoot in 2007, right out of college. I photographed all the W.B Mason delivery truck drivers for a special sales catalog “spoof” of the show Grey’s Anatomy.  Armed with a camera and a map, I traveled to every location from Portland, Maine, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I lugged lighting equipment alone in the dark at 4:30 AM. I teased smiles out of men and women I’d convinced to don medical scrubs. I cajoled and cheered, arranging poses for groups of 6+.  It was amazing. I loved every little detail. Then I helped the production team put that catalog together.

So my point it that I am planning to do more of this. If you need a family portrait taken for the holidays, or maternity photos, or someone to capture the wedding rehearsal dinner so you don’t have to miss out, or just someone on hand to help photograph your child’s birthday, I’m your girl.

Reach me at: wendy pray at gmail dot com

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