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Sister, sister

9 Aug


It’s this girl’s 27th birthday today! My sister Vicky is one of the funniest, most loving, generous, and hardworking people I have ever met. But it’s not just her sense of humor that I love so much. It’s the epic stories she has in her repertoire like “the hydrant” and “the soft serve incident”. No one re-tells them like she does. We laugh. We cry. Occasionally, we snort.

It’s just a fact that wherever Vicky goes, something fabulous is going to happen. And she’s always wrangling my brother Kevin, Skylar and I into adventures — the Walk for Hunger and the Boston marathon are two memorable examples. Just look at her regally reclining in that lawn chair at the garden. Typical Leo fashion. Typical Vicky zest.

But I think what I love most about my sister is that she has the most incredible spirit. From the second you meet her, you know exactly what she must have been like as a child because she has managed to retain that childlike wonder about the universe that we all too commonly lose or bury deep so we can “be adults”. Paired with the effortless mop of dark hair, gorgeous hazel eyes, and long legs, it’s hard not to be a little envious of the incredible package that is my sister.

To my beautiful younger sister who has nearly always been a little taller, I hope you know how much I look up to you — both literally and figuratively. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and I love you very much.

A birthday, a husband, and a list

4 Apr

I get so excited for other people’s birthdays. And if you’re someone I love—all the more to celebrate. So in honor of my dear husband’s birthday, I made a list. Just some favorite things I love about him. Happy Birthday, love.
Brian Babyyou were the cutest baby everJuly 2008 122you showed me our favorite spot in one of our favorite citiesimg_3863how much you love zoos
IMG_0905_3that you did this one time at a little girls’ birthday partyIMG_1891that we discovered this together in the Boboli Garden despite having both studied abroad in Florence
IMG_5334that if there is a dog within 20 feet, you are playing with itIMG_0382that you dove into “the matador” with your hands at Pio Pio, sopped green sauce, and even broke a sangria glassIMG_8722
your eye for beauty and love of the beach and ocean
your appreciation of sweets – and that this often happily happensIMG_0471that you’re such a great snowboarder, but still hit the bunny slopes with meIMG_0772the friendship you have with my friends, tooIMG_1364that we love Dave Matthews and all the Dave concerts we’ve been toIMG_1561your relationship with this little partner in crime hereIMG_2404a sense of humor like thisIMG_6683and also things like this IMG_0020and that we went to a music festival on an island once despite a hurricane warningIMG_8401what a fabulous photographer you areIMG_8790 that you had a Halloween costume like this once IMG_9724your explorer’s spirit2012-08-04 19.36.03and interest in history  (@ Fort Warren on Georges Island)D'Angelo0263

I love you very, very much. Happy Birthday!!