A birthday, a husband, and a list

I get so excited for other people’s birthdays. And if you’re someone I love—all the more to celebrate. So in honor of my dear husband’s birthday, I made a list. Just some favorite things I love about him. Happy Birthday, love.
Brian Babyyou were the cutest baby everJuly 2008 122you showed me our favorite spot in one of our favorite citiesimg_3863how much you love zoos
IMG_0905_3that you did this one time at a little girls’ birthday partyIMG_1891that we discovered this together in the Boboli Garden despite having both studied abroad in Florence
IMG_5334that if there is a dog within 20 feet, you are playing with itIMG_0382that you dove into “the matador” with your hands at Pio Pio, sopped green sauce, and even broke a sangria glassIMG_8722
your eye for beauty and love of the beach and ocean
your appreciation of sweets – and that this often happily happensIMG_0471that you’re such a great snowboarder, but still hit the bunny slopes with meIMG_0772the friendship you have with my friends, tooIMG_1364that we love Dave Matthews and all the Dave concerts we’ve been toIMG_1561your relationship with this little partner in crime hereIMG_2404a sense of humor like thisIMG_6683and also things like this IMG_0020and that we went to a music festival on an island once despite a hurricane warningIMG_8401what a fabulous photographer you areIMG_8790 that you had a Halloween costume like this once IMG_9724your explorer’s spirit2012-08-04 19.36.03and interest in history  (@ Fort Warren on Georges Island)D'Angelo0263

I love you very, very much. Happy Birthday!!

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  1. Beautifully done Wendy….he is a wonderful man and we love him to pieces, as you know. I don’t know how he puts up with us! I hope he has a wonderful b’day…the angels smiled the day he was born!

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