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Christmas 2016 List

11 Dec
When I’m shopping for friends and family for the holidays, I try to strike a balance between wants/needs. I’m practical, but I also appreciate a little luxury and want that for my nearest and dearest too. Cashmere, a luxurious body lotion, or a beautiful cult-favorite lipstick in a gorgeous tube all meet these criteria for my own wish list items.
This year, some of the wish list items on my family’s lists actually inspired some of my own — like the Lush products and the Caudalie lip balm. Earlier this year my very chic friend Caitlin slipped a perfume rollerball out of her purse while we were visiting the Vineyard and inspired what has become my near-obsession with rollerball fragrances.
What’s on your wish list this year?

How To: Rosemary, Vanilla, + Lemon Holiday Home Fragrance

25 Nov


One of the most important things to me as a host is making sure guests feel welcome and comfortable in my home. With the holidays approaching, this means I’ve been thinking more about parties, food and drinks, and decor — not to mention the urgent need to really “deep clean” our place so we’re ready for entertaining!

I’m usually careful about avoiding overly perfume-y candles because tastes differ and the last thing I’d want is to drive friends and family out the door for air because of an ill-chosen scent. So I was excited to re-create this delicious-smelling home fragrance inspired by the gourmet cookware and foods store, Williams Sonoma. It’s homey and delicious. I simmered it on my stove all afternoon while I organized our kitchen pantry yesterday and am officially obsessed. I kept making excuses to leave the kitchen just so I could re-set my senses and enjoy the delicate rosemary, vanilla, and lemon all over again upon return. You have to try it.


how to_blue
DIY Williams Sonoma-inspired Home Fragrance
{ rosemary + lemon + vanilla }

You’ll Need

1 lemon, sliced in rounds
2-3 sprigs (stems) of rosemary
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
small saucepan 1/2-filled with water


– Smash the rosemary a bit to release some of the fragrance
– Dump everything into the filled sauce pan and bring to a boil on the stove
– Reduce heat to low (no bubbles)
– Add water to the pan as needed; you don’t want to smell burned lemons + rosemary, trust me!

* Tips *

– Plan to start this about 1 hour before company arrives so fragrance has time to develop.
– Play around with the ingredients per your tastes. Orange slices, cinnamon sticks, sage and a few drops of almond extract is one combination I’m excited to try for Thanksgiving.