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Musings on Marriage: 02

10 Mar

Every time I flip on Sex and the City, I’m always amazed at how some aspect from any episode will resonate with me, even now that I’m married. It might be easy to judge the show and assume it’s just about the sex lives of single women in NYC, but it’s not at all. Those who have watched the whole series, like me, feel such a connection to Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha because the show is all about relationships. With men, of course, but also relationships with girlfriends.

In a way, Sex and the City is like the older sister to HBO’s Girls.  I love Girls and think Lena Dunham is a genius for finally bringing the trials of females in their early 20’s to television, although I still don’t quite, exactly relate. I guess it’s probably because the 20-somethings today are an entirely different breed than when I was in my early 20’s. I went to high school just before every sophomore had a cell phone. I was in college when I heard about Facebook. And I still haven’t gotten up the nerve to take a selfie to post on Instagram yet. As I creep closer to 30, I feel like everything “the kids” are doing nowadays seems just a bit crazier than what I was doing back then too, which sounds like something I’d have rolled my eyes at my grandparents for saying back when I was doing crazy stuff at that age, but it’s true.

Considering this, I find it so incredible that Sex and the City is still so relatable because when I was watching it, much like when I watch Girls now, the characters were not even close to my age. Yet, just today, I felt this surge of fondness as Big pulled Carrie back into his arms and playfully begged her to stay just a little while longer because I remember that stage of my relationship with Brian. When we used to live in our own apartments and would drag out saying our goodbyes to each other after a date and finally part.

Once you’re committed to someone and you live with them and see them day in and day out, that newness and novelty fades and that “spark” that used to feel so chemical and urgent is dulled. I like to think  (hope?) that we’ve graduated beyond that stage to some deeper level of committed-ness with its own package of benefits, like absolute security and deeper intimacy, but it’s still nice to remember back to the silly, passionate, mad beginning once in a while. And I think that’s one of my favorite reasons to still watch the show today.

Taking Stock: 01

5 Dec
20131125-175306.jpgrustic bread//jam from Montana//a pretty cup or tea//laptop
Making: a garland for our Christmas tree using gold polka dotted burlap.Cooking: goat cheese-stuffed chicken wrapped in prosciutto and gingersnap cookies
Drinking: green tea but wishing for the discontinued Hersehy’s “Goodnight Kisses: White Hot Chocolate”
Reading: Cooked by Michael Pollen
Wanting: this stunning checked coat from Zara.
Looking: for Christmas present ideas for Brian. He always gives the most thoughtful, perfect gifts.
Playing: any and every Christmas music mix I can get my hands on
Wasting: my time at the gym. “Nobody likes a skinny Santa” as Brian says.
Sewing: by hand since my machine got jammed. My mom kindly just lent me hers.
Wishing: for the first snow.
Enjoying: married life. Trite as it sounds, words like content and bliss spring to mind. I think house hunting put a lot into perspective; we’re focused on a shared goal. And silly things like working together on a gingerbread house at Thanksgiving and laughing our faces off earlier tonight doing our Christmas card remind me how well we work together. It’s nice.
Waiting: for the next chance to play “Head’s Up” (amazing iPhone party game)
Liking: our new organized pantry. Finally everything has a place and loose items are in labeled jars.
Wondering: if I can learn Adobe Lightroom by Christmas
Loving: my hot yoga studio on chilly days.
Hoping: that I’m on the right path.
Marveling: that I was asked to plan a wedding; a lifelong dream!!
Needing: a good, natural, under-eye cream.
Smelling: Yankee Candle’s Balsam & Cedar.
Wearing: my Doma leather jacket
Following: a calendar of Christmassy To-Dos.
Noticing: a lack of good Christmas movies. Our collection is suffering! We just watched Arthur Christmas which was cute. I’d definitely consider buying that for next year.
Knowing: that nothing is guaranteed. Today is a gift.
Thinking: about the nature of love, compassion, and forgiveness within families.
Feeling: appreciative, grateful and very loved.
Bookmarking: recipes and decor ideas for our annual Christmas party.
Opening: bottles of white wine. We’ve been on a kick of wine with dinner lately.
Giggling: remembering that we included a line from Home Alone on our Christmas card. Wondering which family and friends will get the reference and which will just think we’re just nuts.
Feeling: sleepy. I can’t wait to get into my warm bed and snuggle up to Brian, my little inferno. And guilty. Last night I woke him so he would hold me when I got into bed chilled to the bone. Sorry love! Xoxo.
This post was inspired by Pip’s blog – (love this!)