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Taking stock: 02

28 May

Long Sands Beach – York, Maine

Making: banana, coconut, almond, oatmeal smoothies
Cooking: shrimp pesto pizza with goat cheese
Drinking: blueberry coffee
Reading: Grade Coddington’s memoir
Wanting: this Max Wanger “Tulum” print
Looking: for the perfect hair cut
Playing: with the time management app “Pomodoro” for work
Wishing: for another weekend with my family
Enjoying: freshly laundered, crisp white sheets
Waiting: impatiently for Game of Thrones to return next week
Liking: this pic my mom snapped when we had coffee on the beach
Wondering: how I should use all the lace I picked up thrift shopping
Loving: my burgeoning little photography business
Hoping: to write tonight
Marveling: at how peaceful a clean, de-cluttered space feels
Needing: a free-space weekend in June to just be
Smelling: Lily of the Valley, it’s finally out
Wearing: a striped wool skirt—where are you summer?
Following: my gut and loving what I’m doing for work right now
Noticing: how good I feel when I wake up and workout
Knowing: I’ll feel amazing after a yoga class
Thinking: we should figure out or anniversary plans
Feeling: like I haven’t been able to be creative in far too long
Bookmarking: ideas for my photography website
Opening: container after container of sweet, plump blueberries
Giggling: watching Amy Schuman’s show
Feeling: daunted by all the things I want to do, make, write, and photograph


Taking stock series: 01

Taking Stock: 01

5 Dec
20131125-175306.jpgrustic bread//jam from Montana//a pretty cup or tea//laptop
Making: a garland for our Christmas tree using gold polka dotted burlap.Cooking: goat cheese-stuffed chicken wrapped in prosciutto and gingersnap cookies
Drinking: green tea but wishing for the discontinued Hersehy’s “Goodnight Kisses: White Hot Chocolate”
Reading: Cooked by Michael Pollen
Wanting: this stunning checked coat from Zara.
Looking: for Christmas present ideas for Brian. He always gives the most thoughtful, perfect gifts.
Playing: any and every Christmas music mix I can get my hands on
Wasting: my time at the gym. “Nobody likes a skinny Santa” as Brian says.
Sewing: by hand since my machine got jammed. My mom kindly just lent me hers.
Wishing: for the first snow.
Enjoying: married life. Trite as it sounds, words like content and bliss spring to mind. I think house hunting put a lot into perspective; we’re focused on a shared goal. And silly things like working together on a gingerbread house at Thanksgiving and laughing our faces off earlier tonight doing our Christmas card remind me how well we work together. It’s nice.
Waiting: for the next chance to play “Head’s Up” (amazing iPhone party game)
Liking: our new organized pantry. Finally everything has a place and loose items are in labeled jars.
Wondering: if I can learn Adobe Lightroom by Christmas
Loving: my hot yoga studio on chilly days.
Hoping: that I’m on the right path.
Marveling: that I was asked to plan a wedding; a lifelong dream!!
Needing: a good, natural, under-eye cream.
Smelling: Yankee Candle’s Balsam & Cedar.
Wearing: my Doma leather jacket
Following: a calendar of Christmassy To-Dos.
Noticing: a lack of good Christmas movies. Our collection is suffering! We just watched Arthur Christmas which was cute. I’d definitely consider buying that for next year.
Knowing: that nothing is guaranteed. Today is a gift.
Thinking: about the nature of love, compassion, and forgiveness within families.
Feeling: appreciative, grateful and very loved.
Bookmarking: recipes and decor ideas for our annual Christmas party.
Opening: bottles of white wine. We’ve been on a kick of wine with dinner lately.
Giggling: remembering that we included a line from Home Alone on our Christmas card. Wondering which family and friends will get the reference and which will just think we’re just nuts.
Feeling: sleepy. I can’t wait to get into my warm bed and snuggle up to Brian, my little inferno. And guilty. Last night I woke him so he would hold me when I got into bed chilled to the bone. Sorry love! Xoxo.
This post was inspired by Pip’s blog – (love this!)