Taking stock: 02

Long Sands Beach – York, Maine

Making: banana, coconut, almond, oatmeal smoothies
Cooking: shrimp pesto pizza with goat cheese
Drinking: blueberry coffee
Reading: Grade Coddington’s memoir
Wanting: this Max Wanger “Tulum” print
Looking: for the perfect hair cut
Playing: with the time management app “Pomodoro” for work
Wishing: for another weekend with my family
Enjoying: freshly laundered, crisp white sheets
Waiting: impatiently for Game of Thrones to return next week
Liking: this pic my mom snapped when we had coffee on the beach
Wondering: how I should use all the lace I picked up thrift shopping
Loving: my burgeoning little photography business
Hoping: to write tonight
Marveling: at how peaceful a clean, de-cluttered space feels
Needing: a free-space weekend in June to just be
Smelling: Lily of the Valley, it’s finally out
Wearing: a striped wool skirt—where are you summer?
Following: my gut and loving what I’m doing for work right now
Noticing: how good I feel when I wake up and workout
Knowing: I’ll feel amazing after a yoga class
Thinking: we should figure out or anniversary plans
Feeling: like I haven’t been able to be creative in far too long
Bookmarking: ideas for my photography website
Opening: container after container of sweet, plump blueberries
Giggling: watching Amy Schuman’s show
Feeling: daunted by all the things I want to do, make, write, and photograph


Taking stock series: 01


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