Second Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Cotton

Vintage Just Maui'ed T-Shirt

I’ve been on a vintage t-shirt kick for a while, finding any excuse to dip into thrift shops in search of perfectly worn band or concert tees. But with summer and our second wedding anniversary approaching, I shifted my focus to Hawaiian surf t-shirts. The traditional second wedding anniversary gift is “cotton” and since we went a little outside the box to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, I wanted to be more literal for this one. Although I’d been searching for something really understated and slick, when I saw this one I couldn’t stop laughing. As corny (and pastel) as it is, Brian is the only person I know who could pull it off. And I love the cheeky nod to the first stop of our honeymoon.

vintage NY Mets t

But I still wanted something cool and vintage that honors Brian’s interests so I started searching for vintage Mets tees. I was about to give up when I found this 1988 Champion-brand tee, with really unique type that I thought Brian would appreciate.

I bought both tees on e-bay after weeks of searching (and stalking). Vintage stuff can be tricky to buy online because of sizing (it’s often a little more slim cut) but quirky flaws are typical, like the faint smudge of orange beneath the “M” which happened often with this style of screen printing.

So that’s my traditional take on the second wedding anniversary gift of “cotton.” I’ll have to start thinking up something fun for our third anniversary next year — which is leather.

Check out last year’s 1st wedding anniversary gift idea spin here.


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