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Poets’ Walk (aka the proposal spot) & our fav spot in NYC

25 Jun

Poets Walk by Henri Silberman

Of course, we had to see the real place in person and the rest is  history. We visited and fell in love with it and have been photographing it like crazy ever since.  It’s getting ridiculous, we know. (See below – each taken on a different trip)

It was the perfect spot for Brian to choose for his proposal.

About Poets’ Walk

“Poet’s Walk” is located mid-park from 66th to 72nd Sts., the lower end of the tree-lined promenade is known informally as Literary Walk or Poets’ Walk, because four of the five statues memorialize poets and writers: William Shakespeare (1870), Robert Burns (ca. 1880), Sir Walter Scott (1871), and Fitz-Greene Halleck (1876); the fifth represents Christopher Columbus (1892). It’s a really romantic little spot but we like is best in the summer, early fall, and around Christmas right after it has snowed.