1 month!

What a month. Not much has changed, but we’re married!!! We’ve been home from Hawaii for two weeks, but we’re still playing catch-up on just about everything it feels like. We met up with our families, looked through all the fabulous pics everyone has posted [thank you SO MUCH] and spent an afternoon opening gifts and reading the lovely cards and personal messages from our friends and family that we received at the wedding.

I actually packed the guest book cards so we could read those on the honeymoon, and I already mentioned how AWESOME the post-cards were [thank you again], but have to reiterate how much we appreciated everyone’s advice and wishes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anyways, to celebrate our first month milestone, I bought us Sarah Copeland’s The Newlywed Cookbook. We have so many cookbooks already so I was hesitant to add another, but after a little Barnes and Noble and Amazon recon, I decided it is a must for any newlywed for the following reasons:

1. It has the most gorgeous typography aka, a major weakness for both of us, 2. And drool-worthy food pics (ditto on the weakness), 3. People are raving about it all over the web, 4. And most importantly, I know Brian will love all the comfort-food type recipes

So some fantastic food porn photos are coming soon. Get excited.

We also celebrated our first married(!!!) (…never gets old) 4th of July. While we wandered around waiting for fireworks, we took the opportunity to swing into Boston’s Chipyard, which is one of the cookie spots we got our wedding favors. Nom nom nom. I’m sure we need cookies after two weeks of hedonism in Hawaii.

Speaking of hedonism, we also busted out the top of our wedding cake out of the ice box and defrosted that baby and enjoyed it on our 1 month a few days shy of our 1 month. It was still pretty good, but we’re glad we opted to eat it early. Year old cake sounds scary.


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