Thanksgiving Traditions

We spent our 1st married Thanksgiving up in Massachusetts with my family. My parents and siblings are all incredible cooks so the food is always completely drool-worthy. These are just some of the apps. In addition to the classics like the stuffed celery and deviled eggs, some of the new dishes that graced the table before the feast were my sister Vicky’s apple/gorgonzola/date compote (“compost” haha), a cranberry salsa with gingersnaps, bourbon-glazed meatballs, and a perfectly tart but sweet mulled spice sangria.

When reviewing the menu earlier in the week with family, I complained that we always do the same dishes and recipes year after year. But my mom is a stickler for tradition and made me realize that the traditions are my favorite thing about Thanksgiving.  Breaking out that same crystal dish that always holds the olives. Making my Grandma’s cranberry and sherbert aperitif and remembering feeling so fancy drinking it when I was a little kid. My mom’s stuffing with the raisins. Our family traditions.

So this Thanksgiving I’d like to say thank you to both of our families for the traditions instilled in each of us that make gathering together for the holidays so meaningful and important. We’re so excited to bring them into our family. And also…  we love you all very much.


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