will make this! 
To some, today is just Friday. To a lot of others, it’s “Black Friday.” But to Brian and I?  It’s the 1st day we can acceptably blast Christmas music.  And start to decorate. So in the spirit of Christmas inspiration, here are some things I’m loving for Christmas 2012:

christmas buffet
Vintage champagne coupe glasses, evergreens, high/low rustic vibe, gilded chalk board frame? This is my jam/here
table place setting for a Christmas dinner (Christmas Decorating Ideas)mini boxwood + striped ribbon + a damask charge= the sweetest holiday place-setting EVER

LOVE this Christmas tree, the wall paper, and the chair. OH MY GOD.
LOVE the overall color-scheme, tree, garland, that wall paper/stencil, and that chair(!!!)/here

red + white + kraft string
Swoon. Color-coordinated gift wrapping is pure loveliness, especially styled on an unstained floor against a white door/here

 Sweet & simple (newspaper and single-letter gift tags).
Sweet & simple (newspaper, bakers twine, and single-letter gift tags). Adore!/here

Frozen Peppermint Cheesecake
And finally, a drool-worthy frozen peppermint cheesecake to round out all the decor/here

So excited to get started with plans, decorating, cooking baking, Christmas mix making, present wrapping, and more. It’s so easy to turn our place into Santa’s village between all the decor we have, but we’re going to try to scale it back this year and go for more rustic elements. Since the wedding, I’ve been really into burlap. Maybe I’ll try to make those stocking from picture No. 1? Kind of obsessed with them. And not to get to literal with the “rustic” part, but this is definitely the year I’m going to finally attempt a Buche de Noel. Really. It’s totally happening. Get excited.


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