Farewell, 2013

new years
This past year was not without its challenges. I could argue that this was the most challenging year I’ve faced to date. With each obstacle came opportunity for tremendous growth and I seized each chance and trusted my gut (even when it scared the absolute shit out of me) and can’t deny that I finally feel like I’m on the right track with my life.

I feel like I’m on walkabout in the Outback a lot of the time as I work through my days, taking pictures, editing posts for my blog, working on design projects and searching for a job that will allow me to advantage of all of the skills I’ve been unable to utilize in one specific role since I set out to find my career upon graduation from college so many years ago.

My most sincere thanks to you, my friends and family who are reading (and anyone else — hi!) for simply encouraging me when I dared to simply put it out there for lack of better words. I’ve always desired a well-thought-out, “perfect” plan before embarking on any kind of new venture which I realize inadvertently paralyzed me from making even small movements toward the kind of future I wanted, so daunting was the thought of creating such a plan for all my grand-scheme dreams.

So without thinking anything through at all, over the course of the fall I set-up a Facebook page just to share my photography. I started to write regularly. I focused on working through my long list of projects. It wasn’t part of any grand plan, I was just finally doing something. A series of somethings. Small steps.

And just like that things started to fall into place. I was hired to plan a wedding. I was asked to shoot a friend’s maternity photos. An editor from Good Housekeeping contacted me to feature one of my decor projects online.

So all this is really just my way to sum up that as I bid adieu to 2013, my “plan” for the coming year is to keep taking small steps and to keep putting myself out there. It requires a tremendous amount of trust and I’ll be totally honest and share that it still scares the crap out of me to not really know exactly what my end goal is. But you have shown me so much love and support, taking interest in what I’m up to, reaching out to book me for photos (!!!), and commenting with just the kindest, sweetest words of encouragement on Facebook and Instagram that I become more confident in where I’m headed every single day. So thank you. From the bottom of my heart. You guys are the best!


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