Weekend recap…

20140121-102652.jpg{spotted a cardinal in our yard}

What a lovely weekend. We saw friends, had a few dates (aka we ate delicious food), finally played “Quelf” at a friend’s house, watched the game, and took advantage of free admission to Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and enjoyed the Sargent exhibit. After making an enormous pancake/egg/bacon breakfast of course. As much as I crave expanses of time to be at home, sometimes a weekend of busyness can be completely restorative.

20140121-100442.jpg{Bri meeting Avery for the first time}

Our friends Shawna and Sterling has their first child last week so Brian, our friend Michelle, and I went to visit Saturday. She’s so sweet! And teeny! And peaceful! She slept in our arms for what seemed like 2 hours. We brought them some “Girl Scout Stew,” one of my favorite recipes from Brian’s mom, and I dropped off a bound book of “wishes for baby” I’d collected from friends and family at Shawna’s baby shower last fall.

20140121-100357.jpg{completely smitten}
20140121-103733.jpg{game day snacks / brian’s honey marinade, omg}20140121-104105.jpg{free admission days at the Museum of Fine Arts are a zoo}20140121-104056.jpg{Sargent’s “Melon Boats” – one of my favorites so I bought a print for our place}  20140121-102604.jpg{sampled some vegan, coconut milk ice cream at Allston’s FoMu}

We didn’t snap pics on our pizza date to Cambridge 1 (or during our game night at our friends’ Casey and Chucks), but anytime charcoal-grilled pizza is involved, particularly when it’s topped with spinach, artichoke hearts, chevre, and slow roasted tomatoes… pictures don’t do it justice. Likewise, no picture could have captured the magic of playing boardgames like Balderdash or Quelf so I posted a video on Facebook.

Aren’t long weekends the best? Happy Tuesday everyone. Have a great week!


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