Wedding fragrance + signature scents

Chloe Wedding perfume

I dove into the details when I planned our wedding, right down to the perfume I planned to wear. I wanted something special for our wedding. Not so much for Brian because he never notices the scent of anything (except cookies), but for me, so I could spritz it for years to come and immediately recall the happiest day of my life.

Ultimately I decided on Chloe, but not without intense research and a lot of reminiscing. Although I have other fragrances in my collection, I’ve had exactly 3 “signature” scents in my lifetime and they correspond with very specific periods of my life:

Anna Sui “Dreams” was my junior high school pick. It was a Vanilla Oriental scent with top notes of nectarine, mandarin orange, bergamot and bitter orange; middle notes of freesia, peach, chinese peony and rose; and base notes of nutmeg, sandalwood, musk, tahitian vanilla, cedar and anise. It was fun and light and reminded me of cake.
Michael” by Michael Kors was my favorite in high school. It might have been a little too sophisticated for me at that stage of my life, but I adored it. It was a Floral Woody Musk with top notes of freesia and labdanum; middle notes of tuberose, violet root, iris and peony; and base notes of musk, cashmere wood and vetiver. I couldn’t wait for college, particularly study abroad. Funnily enough, a few short years later when I was living abroad in Italy, I smelled this on a new friend as we hugged hello and we immediately bonded over our love of the Michael Kors fragrance. Someday I’d love to buy a bottle again to keep in my fragrance collection.  The body lotion is heavenly too.

Dolce & Gabbana “Light Blue” was my go-to during and just after college. My friend Stephanie wore it and I loved it so much I committed the ultimate fragrance crime: I started wearing it. She had amazing taste in fragrances and her collection was impressive. She also introduced me Bath & Body Works’ “Sensuous Amber,” a scent I’d have never ever tried based on the name. So I have her to thank for teaching me to never judge a perfume by its name or bottle. I’ve discovered quite a few favorites thanks to this. (Thanks Stephanie!)

Some of my other collection favorites include Tocca’s “Stella,” Juicy Couture’s “Viva la Juicy,” Issey Miyake, Escada’s “Rockin’ Rio,” Chanel’s “Miss Dior,” Coach “Poppy,” and Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. Now that I’m settled into married life, I’m on the hunt for my next signature scent. But I still love to spritz myself with Chloe and remember walking down the aisle.


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