DIY Quote Valentines

IMG_9322The tradition of sending valentines combines two of my favorite things in the world – correspondence + paper goods. Although there are tons of gorgeous options to buy in stores, I love making my own. This year I decided to bring back a design I used back in 2008, long before I had a camera on my cell phone to snap a picture of the results unfortunately.  I love being able to personalize each with favorite quotes, ink embellishments, and pretty paper scraps I’ve collected from old calendars, catalogs, and magazines.
IMG_9311First I gathered together some white card stock, my pretty paper scraps, a glue stick, and my favorite fine-tip black ink pen. I cut some hearts from a Tiffany’s catalog and a Victoria’s Secret “Pink” mailer, and tore out some of my favorite pages from a 2012 Audrey Hepburn desk calendar.
After I glued my paper elements onto the card stock and let them dry a bit, I embellished the hearts with my pen. Then I just collected some of my favorite quotes on love, friendship, and romance and wrote them out in my best, most flourished-looking cursive. I’ll write my personalized messages on the reverse side before popping into some envelopes I “borrowed” from a huge box of generic thank you notes I got at Target a while back for like, $5 on clearance. Easy!


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