Pregnancy update: TMI News

In TMI news, I lost my mucus plug today! I wasn’t prepared for how ecstatic I’d feel once I realized it had happened but suddenly, finally having this baby seemed incredibly close. I realize how gross just sharing this probably seems to anyone who has not been pregnant before, so let me just spare you and warn you not to Google image search it. (Trust me.)

Today also happens to be my sister Skylar’s 15th birthday which I have to mention specifically because I spent the afternoon shopping with her; I think all of the walking around probably contributed to this pregnancy milestone happening.

My OB said it’s a good sign that things are progressing as they should and to call if my back pain and cramping starts to get more consistent and ramps up on the pain scale.  I should note that it DOES NOT necessarily mean that labor is imminent so I’m just trying to relax while I still can, but still squeeze in all the work, yoga, and all the last minute nesting that I can’t seem to resist.

Ahhhhhhh. I’m so excited!! I just want her to be here already.


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