1st Father’s Day


Happy first Father’s Day to my incredible husband, Brian. It didn’t take long after we started dating for me to realize you’d make an amazing father, but to say you exceeded anything I could have ever dreamed is an understatement. I can still remember the exact moment I knew we’d have kids someday.

I was killing myself laughing over something you’d said while we were out to dinner at Toscano’s in Boston. There was flickering candlelight and I looked up at you and in that moment thought, “I love him. And he will be the most incredible dad, someday.”

I’ve said it a million times already but it can’t be overstated that I’d never have made it through my pregnancy without your support and encouragement. (And humor!) I wouldn’t have survived the exhausting newborn weeks. And I certainly wouldn’t have survived the weepy and painful weeks of first-time breastfeeding.

For the laughter, love, and light you bring into my life — and now Emilia’s, I am so grateful and so blessed. I love you so much and wish you the first of many happy father’s days.


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