Breastfeeding: 12 Week Update

I am SO happy I stuck with breastfeeding. We’re doing so well, it’s hard to remember how close I was to throwing in the towel less than a month ago. I love nursing Emilia. LOVE IT. Do you hear me? I love feeding her.

We turned a corner when we finally got the hang of side-lying nursing. We tried it here and there when she was much smaller, but I don’t think her nursing abilities (or her mouth, or tongue…who knows) were advanced enough for it then. Now we have it down. The midwife who runs the mom’s group I belong to shared some great tips with our group recently for how she nursed in side-lying position with her kids which prompted me to give it another shot. Then, once I had a taste of how comfortable and relaxing it could be, I watched a few YouTube videos for more pointers and picked up some amazing tips, like rolling a receiving blanket into a little log and propping it behind the baby’s back and how to lean forward a bit while on my side to place a support pillow behind my back. Now I absolutely LOVE nursing her. I pull her into bed for her one nighttime feed around 2 or 3:30 AM and she dozes off easily and I slide her back into her co-sleeper. Then repeat again around 5 or 5:30, and then 7:30, when her day has been officially starting lately.

At this last feed of the early morning, she’ll nurse lying beside me either on her back or her side, tummy to tummy with me, while I snooze. Her eyes usually close and her little hand find one of my fingers to grip as she makes these contented, soft “Mmm mmm” noises here and there. My heart just melts. Then, when she’s had enough, she’ll sleepily, gently slip off and nuzzle her nose right into me and relax her body against mine. Here sweet little face looks so peaceful and gorgeous. Occasionally, she’ll smack her lips in the cutest little satisfied way, or throw one arm over her eyes like, “Oh my lawd, this is so good.” It swells my ego in the biggest way, to be very honest! It’s my favorite time with her and I am so grateful that I stuck it out and get to experience these incredible moments with her now.



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