Ten Things

my favorite neighborhood park

This past week marks the beginning of one of my favorite times of year. On Monday, the buds were just beginning to appear and by Friday, the first bright green of spring had exploded. On my daily walks with Emilia, I’m seeing more and more patches of purple scatter the grass and bunches of bright, sunny daffodils stand in the afternoon sun. Everything is bursting to life and summer is just around the corner!

This weekend is a bit busy with my brother’s 28th birthday, a baby shower and finally meeting a friend’s new baby boy, but I’m also hoping to squeeze in some long walks, some spring cleaning, and perhaps tackling a few packing projects in anticipation of a big move coming up soon we hope. Have a great weekend everyone!

“haah haah,” as if she is blowing on hot soup = smelling flowers

our recent 2,000+ calorie Shake Shack lunch

love the patterns on E’s new pjs

my office for the day on Friday

FullSizeRender_6goofing around with daddy at the playground

her newest favorite way to eat

FullSizeRender_3one of my favorite “good tree” neighborhoods

blunt cut for spring

“butt dancing” to the music her of her singing lunch bag


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