26 Books Challenge

26 Books Challenge Bookmark

I’ve always been a reader even as a young child, but as I’ve gotten older (and had a kid), it’s harder to find the time. I’ve always loved lists and to dos and always participated in the local library summer reading challenge growing up, (even attempting to revive that here) so it’s no surprise that this 26 Book Challenge piqued my interest.

To encourage this goal along, I’ve set a goal date to finish in 1 year and, since I have to make everything a group effort, I’ve invited a few friends to join and started a private group on Facebook. Leave me a comment if you’re interested in joining. And finally, I’ve added this goal to my Bucket List and also started compiling some ideas for books to read here.

Special thank you to blogger, Erin Burns of Bringing Up Burns, for starting this awesome challenge. Here is her post detailing the inspiration behind the challenge.

It’s ambitious, working out to about a book every two weeks. But you know I love a challenge. Stay tuned!


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