Trends in the home

IMG_6945vintage Kazvin rug

I never knew I was a traditionalist when it came to home decor until I started to think about decorating a future home. It got me thinking about trends in home decor and how important it is to me to have a timeless aesthetic as much as possible in both my personal style and in my home.

kitchen I lovesoapstone, subway tile and wood flooring = drool

But what does that mean really? As I’ve sorted through the home decor inspiration I’ve collected over the years I’ve realized it means avoiding trends. And unfortunately it usually means spending a bit more on quality. This makes sense because a rug or a couch will ideally last many, many years and possibly be passed down to future generations.

modern persian rug styling

Persian (or oriental as they’re classified) rugs are a perfect example of timeless decor that has started to creep into the “trendy” category with gorgeous, boho-versions popping up on popular tastemaker’s social media feeds.

IMG_6923Emilia is a fan of the Persian rug

Coincidentally around Thanksgiving, my mom got our family’s out of storage which piqued my interest in them in a big way. I’d never particularly cared for it when I was growing up (too dated looking) yet I’d forgotten how nice they feel underfoot especially when you’re on your hands and knees playing with a 1-year old all day long.

IMG_6930vintage Heriz with beautiful abrash that I fell for while shopping

I’ve been on a rug scouting mission the past few weeks to see if any catch my eye. I found a few contenders at a local antique shop over the weekend. Considering the price, you bet I was on my hands and knees running my hands over the wool and inspecting the hand-knots.

But that led to my next conundrum: how do you mix a very traditional, statement rug with more modern pieces? I was really surprised by the lack of inspirational photos online but I managed to find some that I really loved below:

modern persian rug ideasSource: Blulabel Bungalowmodern persian rug living room ideas 2
Source: Buzzfeed
modern persian rug living room ideassource: Design Sponge
persian rug and west elm
source: Eliza and Kate, drooling over West Elm Hamilton sofa

According to Erika Hollinshead Ward of Blulabel Bungalow, the key to modern decorating with oriental rugs is to use them to anchor your space then add a few traditional accessories. Adding in some modern art, more accessories, and some modern furniture creates a juxtaposition of styles which creates an updated look. Easy, right?

I love a challenge! The hunt continues.




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