Taking Stock: 03

Pineapple Chime Door Bell by Thomas & Betts at Wayfair

Making: kale smoothies inspired by one I tried at Whole Foods
Cooking: more like living off oatmeal and peanut butter crackers
Drinking: Honey Dew iced toasted almond mochas
Reading: just finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Wanting: to teleport to the ocean — the humidity is unbearable these past few weeks
Looking: up ways to remove tree stumps
Playing: hide + seek with Emilia (her latest thing)
Wishing: for more weeks of summer
Enjoying: the dahlias I planted that are finally blooming
Waiting: for tickets to Hamilton on Broadway
Liking: this pineapple doorbell cover
Wondering: if I should round up my mom-friends to go see Bad Moms
Loving: the Young House Love podcast
Hoping: to find a good quality American Flag for outside our front door
Marveling: at Simone Biles and Michel Phelps in Rio
Needing: a day at the beach
Smelling: my delicious coconut water facial spray
Wearing: the mom uniform which means Sperrys, uncombed hair raked into a dirty, messy ponytail, no makeup, maybe sunscreen, probably an inside out t-shirt stained with peanut butter, and yoga pants that haven’t seen a yoga mat in about 6 months. But definitely something with an elasticized waist.
Following: the Rio Olympics — Team USA in gymnastics and swimming
Noticing: How good my skin looks when I make an effort to take care of it
Knowing: that the fun of gardening is the planning and slow development of a landscape over time; trying to be patient and remember that it takes time
Thinking: That we’ll never get all our house projects done
Feeling: overworked and stretched too thin
Bookmarking: garden and arbor ideas for the yard
Opening: packages with my new window boxes (Squeee!)
Giggling: at Emilia’s michevous eye expressions and babbling
Feeling: complete and utter joy and gratitude every single day I wake up in our beautiful new home

Taking stock series: 0102


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