Garden Update: September 2017

IMG_0341Now that Labor Day weekend has come and gone, it seems like a good time to do a quick check-in on the Garden To Do List. Also, my list has grown so before I update it for the fall, I thought I’d give a status update where things ended up and why. Here’s where we started in the fall and what we got done:

Our 2017 Spring/Summer Garden Priority List

Stump and tree removal in the backyard
Deal with the chipmunks
Remove two shrubs under kitchen window
– Level the backyard
– Redo and build-out the patio
– Build-up berms along the back perimeter
– Seed the lawn
Start our vegetable garden
– Plant privacy trees and shrubs on back perimeter
– Install side yard arbor and gate; plant clematis and roses
– Purchase lounge chair seating
– Find the perfect hammock
– Find a swing set for Emilia
Install front window boxes

Now, to be totally honest, a few of the above are multi-step items that may be only partially done, but I feel like we got a lot accomplished in hindsight, so I’m going to count them. The fact is, there is one lingering chipmunk, we have quite a few more trees and stumps to deal with and our veggie garden has a ways to go, namely, we need to secure it from the bunnies and the day pigeons (who ate all our bush beans) which means some sort of fencing next year.

For the moment, I’m just going to enjoy the fact that we were able to get the garden in at all since I was in my third trimester at the start of the planting season. It was also a terrible year for gardening because we had SO much rain in June.

There are a few things I didn’t put on my priority list earlier this spring like planting asparagus and purchasing fruit trees to get started, but as I’ve settled into this house and gotten to know a bit more about our property and its potential, I’ve realized we might not have the best conditions for a lot of the things I’d hoped to eventually put in, like a pear tree, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t hidden potential to be unlocked!

Stay tuned…


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