Digging Lately: Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Once upon a time, when I was still renting, the extent of the “projects” in my home-owner fantasies were limited to choosing paint colors and plants. Maaaybe what food I’d serve at my fabulous parties. You know, since I’d host tons of them now that I had the house I longed for throughout my twenties when no one had a place cool enough to want to share with people. But now that I’m a REAL home owner? My baseboards are still off-white to the rest of our trim’s blinding white, the undertone of our daughters’ bedroom is totally green, and I don’t have it in me to care. The weather is finally beautiful in New England and until the first December frost, the last place you’ll find me is inside painting.

Snapped at the Dallas Botanical Garden, May ’18

These days, my attire is usually dirt-stained and muddied. I’m actually embarrassed to wear flip flops because I’m so in need of a pedicure, but I am really digging the early season farmer’s tan I have. Maybe I’m alone here and others aren’t as obsessed with shaping up their yards and gardens, but from the moment we were handed the keys to our place, there has been an ever-growing list of projects that shows no sign of letting up. Moreover, no matter how sleep-deprived or child weary I am at the end of the day, I always make time for some dirt. It’s just relaxing.

Ep. 6, Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Recently though, I really was exhausted — mentally and physically drained — so in a fit of obsession, I turned to Netflix hoping to get some kind of gardening fix which inspired this week’s “Digging, Lately” post. Shock of all shocks, I was completely thrilled to discover a reality show called  Big Dreams, Small Spaces.

It’s a British show in which amateur gardeners all over the UK are gently but firmly guided to create their own little bit of paradise with the help of Britain’s greatest (gardening) treasure: Monty Don. When I mentioned his name to my mom who I recently started teasingly referring to as “Green Garden Goddess” because she is a bit of a know-it-all (said LOVINGLY) when it comes to all things garden, I was shocked she didn’t know of him. One writer very aptly described it as, like Queer Eye, but with plants. Another great comparison I’d actually already thought of before I also read it in the same article is that it’s like Property Brothers meets The Great British Baking Show, both of which I love. Monty Don is to plants, what Mary Berry is to baked goods! Anyways, new obsession and I really recommend.

In case you’re jonesing for more garden stuff:

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