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31 May

I was sitting on the couch telling him I’d finally hunted down, bid on, and won a certain vintage book I’d wanted for the wedding, but it probably wouldn’t arrive in time for our photo session that weekend. An amused look crossed his face. He quickly got up and came back with a box.

©Wendy Pray, 2012

From the moment he lured me to a darkened hallway for our first kiss, to our travels in Italy, it has been an extraordinary adventure and not just in the travel sense. From cooking meals without recipes, to getting lost in conversation, we could do absolutely nothing but it would everything because we’re together. I can’t explain it, but this book is quite symbolic.

The fact that we each bought one? That is just crazy.

He’d been scouring e-bay at the same time I was, considering the same selections I had been considering. He’d wanted to surprise me with it to celebrate the 4-week mark of our wedding and in a best-case-scenario, all the stars aligned and his copy arrived just in time for our photo-shoot with our photographer, Brea.

Here is one of the shots:

See more of Brea McDonald’s beautiful work here

So now we have two copies and one incredible story. Yayayayayayaaay!

©Wendy Pray, 2012

But what I need to know is, how does he do it? And how did I get so lucky?

Here’ s to our adventure, my love. I can’t imagine it with anyone but you.