Caroline at 18 Months

close up of illuminated christmas tree and a baby
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Over the past few weeks, I’ve found myself lingering in the nursery glider with Caroline sweetly snoozing in my arms. I know I’m setting us back in terms of sleep training (which we entirely neglected until recently, since C was popping 4 molars simultaneously), but I know from her sudden burst of vocalization that our “baby” days are numbered. I know, I KNOW — she’s nearly 18-months; she’s been out of her baby phase for a while now, but I just mean that I know her snuggly, sweet, “mama is my everything,” phase will soon be displaced by even more advanced motor development and language and I want to just drink everything she is RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT.

I remember writing something similar right around this time for Emilia; that from 12-18 months might just be my absolute favorite time with her. Each and every day with Caroline, I’m reminded why I love this period so very much. Her sense of humor comes out more and more every day.

One of my favorite little Caroline-isms lately is the devilish look of cognizance in her eyes when I tell her not to do something. She’s usually on the tippiest tip of her tippy toe, standing on a chair, trying to reach whatever she’s set her sight on. I’m usually stifling laughter and will say with mock seriousness: Caaaaroliiiiine. This prompts her to look over her shoulder audaciously. But the truth is, I should really take her physical ability and fearlessness a little more seriously.

I try very hard to limit my use of the word “No” with both children. I try to reserve it for instances when “No” or “don’t do that” are crucial — like running into the street, or hitting. But with Caroline, I find her antics funny and often joke, “No.” My approach with her versus Emilia really proves how much more laid back (and lenient) some parents are with second children. I wonder  if my casualness makes for a more curious and fearless child.

Anyways, just wanted to commit some of my favorite memories to a post before too much more time passes.

Love you so much, sweet girl.



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